On the Apprentice’s Behalf

The New Central Vocational School in Seestadt Aspern

Our design integrates into the heterogenous neighbourhood elegantly and articulates diverse spatial-pedagogical concepts in three clusters for hands-on professional training. Our plan was awarded 3rd prize by the jury.

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Construction Starts in Donaustadt

Project manager Friederike Dammaß (middle) with Anita Bartos and Edin Hadžović from the project team celebrated the construction kick-off of the school complex on Leopold-Kohr-Straße together with City Councillor of Education Christoph Wiederkehr and District Councillor Ernst Nevrivy. The cluster school will comprise 29 educational spaces for nearly 800 students.

News from the Nordbahnviertel

Construction Begins on the Residential High-Rise

Right beside the “Freie Mitte” – the planned wilderness park in the quarter – and right in the centre of the end loop of tramway O, the cranes have taken their positions. This is where our 21-storey residential high-rise is being built. The concrete foundation slab is currently being poured, and the first walls are soon to follow. What’s special about this project is its striking form and the differently designed balcony fronts. Follow the link to see our design.

Institute of Anatomy Med Uni Graz

Time-Lapse Video

The images from the webcam on the campus of the Medical University of Graz show how much has happened in two years of construction at the central Institute of Anatomy! We adapted and expanded the existing building on behalf of the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft real estate company – in the new building there is now ample space for large dissection rooms, communication and learning zones as well as for events on the open plan ground floor.

Sleeping Beauty in Gersthof

Renovation and Conversion of the Monument-Listed Orthopaedic Hospital

We set on a journey through the past of this historic building and had a look at what has changed through bygone decades. How do the former operating rooms look today? By how many floors did the hospital grow? And we also dare to peek into the future: Here’s how the hospital rooms will transform into school classrooms. 

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Foto: Franz&Sue/Louai Abdul Fattah

Building without Insulation

Graz-Puntigam Education Campus

Sustainable and at the same time simple, built with natural materials – that’s our claim. In our school project in Graz, we are therefore using 50-cm-thick insulating bricks, which we cover with clay plaster on the inside and with only 3-cm-thick hemp panels on the outside. This strategy provides ecological thermal, heat, and sound protection and replaces conventional polystyrene thermal insulation. The clay plaster also provides a particularly comfortable indoor climate for the future pupils.

A Wood Building for Research

New Replacement Building, University of Bonn, North Rhein-Westphalia

Our design for the laboratory and research building focuses on sustainable timber construction and climate-friendly fabrication. To this end, we developed a sustainability concept together with experts in this early planning stage. The competition jury awarded us 2nd prize.

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December 2021
Photo: Daniel Shaked

Everything’s new in 2022

Franz&Sue expands the management team

In January 2022 the longstanding team members Corinna Toell and Björn Haunschmid-Wakolbinger become partners at Franz&Sue.

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November 2021

Piran Days of Architecture

Architecture Conference in Slovenia

The programme of the Piran Days of Architecture, which takes place each year in the Slovenian coastal town, consists of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and an architectural competition. This year Franz&Sue partner Christian Ambos participated at the international architecture conference as a juror and lecturer. The 2021 theme was centred on the question of what is measurable in architecture. Other lectures were held by architects from Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Spain, and the USA.  

Photo: Jadran Rusjan
Photo: Jadran Rusjan

Austrian State Prize for Architecture 2021

Nomination for Salzburg Courthouse

We made it to the short list! Our Salzburg Courthouse has been nominated for the Austrian State Prize for Architecture 2021 of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs – in a group with high-calibre design projects such as those by Snøhetta Studio Innsbruck, SWAP Architects, Caramel Architects, or Berger+Parkkinen. We and our colleagues are thrilled and looking forward to the award ceremony!

Diploma Double-Pack

Congratulations to Completion!

We congratulate Katarína Martoňáková and Ajdin Vukovic for their exciting research projects! Katarína’s diploma thesis "Die Stadt und die Trauer" (The City and Mourning) reflects on the relationship of the city and society towards death and how mourning can be localised in contemporary cities. Parallel to his work, Ajdin furthered his studies at the Institute of Anatomy at Med Uni Graz in the field of neurosciences and wrote about innovations in psychological trauma therapy. In "Body as a House" he investigates the role of our bodies in trauma treatment and how architecture can make a contribution.

Design the design process!

Lecture at the TU Wien

How do we design the design process? Which tools do we use to design, which methods are employed to analyse, research, experiment, evaluate, and arrive at decisions? For the first time, the Architecture and Design Field of Research at the TU Wien organised guest lectures with contemporary architecture groups, who provide short introductions to their own design strategies. Together with Claude Probst and Elisabeth Nobl, Franz&Sue partner Robert Diem spoke about our design methodologies.


Lecture at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

The series “Architektur Umtrunk” of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Wiesbaden kicked off its winter semester with a lecture by Michael Anhammer. He provided the students insights into our work methods and projects – for example, the Salzburg Courthouse, the Leoben School Complex, and the Evangelic Church Campus in Nuremberg.

Photo: Stefan Dadic
October 2021

Off to Oberwagram

Residential Project in St. Pölten, Lower Austria

The aim of our new residential project nearby the Government district in St. Pölten, with its eye-catching indented rows of lush green loggias, is densification. But opposed to building a 140-metre-long block facing the city, our strategy was to play with various heights and to fracture the volume into four individual building components. The small-scale articulation of the façade generates an individuality that is embedded in a harmonious ensemble.

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The best of both worlds

Lecture at the Graphisoft Conference

Upon invitation of Graphisoft, BIM coordinator Thomas Karl held a lecture at the international event “Building Together” in September 2021 on the entanglements between digital and analogue working methods and how we applied them in the Stadtelefant. 

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under construction

Building site: Headquarters of the Upper Austria Provincial Police Directorate

A command centre to take emergency calls from all over Upper Austria – and it’s under construction at the moment on the premises of the Upper Austria Provincial Police Directorate in Linz. The heart of the three-storey complex will be the 300-plus m² operations coordination room. A glazed bridge connects the new building with the existing – if needed, the headquarters can be topped off with two additional floors. The green atrium offers an attractive space for relaxing during the breaks.

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wienwood 21

Vienna Timber Construction Award

We build on wood! For instance, the residential complex for Caritas Wien in Strebersdorf, which was distinguished with the wienwood 21 award! proHolz Austria, together with the City of Vienna and Architekturzentrum Wien, awards the prize for outstanding timber constructions in Vienna. “From the very beginning, the new building was viewed critically by its neighbours, here and there even with a pinch of hostility. Hence, it was all the more important for the architects to lend the building a friendly face in the form of a timber façade,” stated the jury.

September 2021

Franz&Sue on Tour

Office excursion to Lower Austria

Following a pause, we were on the road once again to check out two exciting projects. Franz&Sue partner Robert Diem and project manager Björn Haunschmid-Wakolbinger guided the team through our recently unveiled Chemistry Lab on the IST Campus. After lunch together, the tour continued to the Großweikersdorf community centre where Christian Kircher and Olya Sendetska from smartvoll architects gave us some insights into their building.

Welcome to the Studio!

New office location

Our team just keeps growing. And so fast that the two floors that accommodate Franz&Sue in the Stadtelefant just aren’t enough anymore. Hence, we opened a new office location right around the corner: the Franz&Sue Studio. It is home to the competition team, there is a spacious model making workshop, and to top it off, there’s also a leafy inner courtyard for relaxed breaks.

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Chemistry Lab in Operation

Architecture for Research

2.5 years construction, 61,700 m³ excavation, 184,000 m IT cables, 194 lab spaces, and offices for 130 PhD students. Together with Maurer & Partner, we designed a laboratory facility for the Institute of Science and Technology Austria in Klosterneuburg with an adjacent study and teaching area, which brackets the site and integrates the surrounding architectural settings. On 3000 m² surface area, pioneering experiments will be conducted, for example, with NMR spectroscopy.

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Dream Team with Distinction

Congratulations on Graduation!

Lukas Föger and Josef Kern got to know one another on their very first day at the TU Wien and have been close friends ever since. In 2018 they both began working at Franz&Sue, and now they have completed their diploma studies in architecture – each with distinction – at the same time. Since 2020 the duo has been busy in our construction engineering department and take care of the detailing in projects such as the Evangelical Church Campus in Nuremberg or the Puntigam Education Campus. “We look forward to the many exciting challenges in which we can learn more and grow together with the team,” say Lukas and Josef in unison. May your shared path be a long one!

August 2021

1 Year, 11 Prizes

Congratulations to our competition team

We are delighted with our team in the Franz&Sue competition department, who once again did great work in the past year and landed a number of podium finishes. Of the more than 20 submitted competition entries, we won 5 first place, 3 second place, and 3 third place titles. Plus 6 honourable mentions! We toasted to the success recently in Augarten park – including farewell presents for the interns of the department, who made valuable contributions to the (winning) projects over the course of the last year.

Photos: Franz&Sue/Louai Abdul Fattah

Franz&Sue&the successfully together

New slogans, new printed matter

We’ve learned that good architecture and good collaborations can only flourish from dialogue on eye level. This belief motivated us to further develop our language in an exchange with the experts from Jung von Matt – because without the & there is no Franz&Sue. Our new slogans on stickers, cloth bags, notepads, and building site tarps now communicate to the world what’s important to us in our architectural work but also for life together in society.

Lake view ahoy

Redesign of the University of Klagenfurt Campus, Carinthia

The University of Klagenfurt needed an urban planning concept to accommodate the continual growth of the campus. This included the design of the first new buildings and the organisation of public pathways. We proposed institute and seminar buildings grouped around a central square, which form a nexus for the entire campus.

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July 2021

Together in the Neighbourhood

Bockmühle Essen Campus, North Rhine-Westphalia

Our aim was to create a stimulus for the Essen-Altendorf district with a sustainable place for all – the new buildings for the Bockmühle Comprehensive School, a sports hall, and a neighbourhood centre reorganise the urban fabric and public space with tangible benefits for the district. Our concept proposes an inviting ensemble of buildings with welcoming qualities both inside and outdoors. We were honoured by the competition jury with 2nd prize.

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June 2021

A long-awaited get-together

Franz&Sue Picnic in the Park

For the longest time we have had to go without get-togethers and parties… Now the team could finally meet up out in the park and spend some laid-back hours together with picnic baskets and a park quiz.

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More than the Sum of the Parts

Competition winner, Oberwart

We are the winners of an EU-wide open architectural competition with 63 participants and will realise the new Oberwart Education Centre! “It was very important to us to pay attention to all details and select the best project for the welfare of our children and the town’s role as an educational hub. I am pleased that the choice for this winning project was unanimous,” says Oberwart Mayor Georg Rosner about our competition success.

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Parlour of Inclusion

Competition winner, Vienna

Village im Dritten: Our new residential project creates a space for living and working together. The two-storey parlour – the entrance to the building but also to the city quarter – encourages encounters and communication; numerous communal rooms, open spaces, and a village street of sorts expand the living spaces of the inhabitants. Furthermore, it is they who will also play an important role in the project development and support in the framework of the “MIeTMACHEREI” participatory planning process , and after moving in, in the residents’ advisory board.

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May 2021

under construction

Building site: Study Centre at Montanuniversität Leoben

As the first project of a long-term extension of the campus, we have been building the new Study Centre of the Montanuni since June 2020. The open structure is designed as a learning landscape in which three auditoriums are embedded like diamonds. Parametric column generation for the outer structural walls and novel constructional solutions inside provide light and clear views.

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Operation Schwarzenberg

Competition winner, Salzburg

Kick-off for our first hospital! In collaboration with Maurer & Partner, we are planning a new seven-story building on the premises of the Cardinal Schwarzenberg Clinic in Schwarzach. The second-largest hospital in the province of Salzburg was in need of additional space for operating rooms, a pharmacy, a laboratory, and the pathology and psychiatric departments.

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under construction

Construction site at the Institute of Anatomy, Med Uni Graz

Since autumn 2019 construction is underway at the Institute of Anatomy for the Medical University of Graz. The existing historical building will accommodate a generous entrance area, and the former Institute of Pathology transforms into a state-of-the-art institute building for a large number of students. A courtyard with a cheerful atmosphere connects the existing and the new buildings, a large auditorium finds its place below.

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Sleeping Beauty in Gersthof

Competition winner, Vienna

The former orthopaedic hospital in Gersthof, with its characteristic historical architecture, will be refurbished from the ground up and adapted with targeted interventions into a contemporary school complex.

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Ring A Ring o’ Roses!

Competition winner, Luxembourg

Together with our cooperation partner SchemelWirtz Architectes Associés, we are planning a school building with a day-care centre and gymnasium in Rodange, Luxembourg. Its child-friendly, identity-building architecture creates a marked contrast to the neighbourhood and a new stimulus for the town.

November 2020


Franz&Sue awarded the Lower Austrian Culture Prize 2020

“This architecture office with its large team and strong network stands for profoundly contemporary and future-oriented architecture and has left exemplary traces both in Lower Austria and around the world.” — Andi Breuss, Lower Austrian Culture Prize jury member

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Photo: Stefan Sappert
Oktober 2020

…and the many stories

Lecture at the Wiener Stadthalle event and convention centre, October 15, 2020

Upon invitation by curator Volker Dienst (architektur in progress), Franz&Sue partner Michael Anhammer held a passionate lecture on the topic of façades at the international trade show Architect@Work.

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September 2020

Stories from the lockdown

Video contribution for the Stadtansichten lecture series 2020

In our video for the online lecture series “Stubenarrest” (Grounded), initiated by the Münster School of Architecture, our team reflects on the special year 2020, from life and work in home office to the new challenges for cities.

To the Stadtansichten lectures

Photo: David Schreyer

The many potentials of imperfection

Interview with WohnenPlus

For its September edition WohnenPlus magazine invited Franz&Sue partner Harald Höller to an interview about housing construction and the human aspect in architecture.

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Juni 2020

Investing in the future

Campus for the headquarters of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt am Main

In the framework of a large-scale redesign and expansion plan, a modern campus is being built for the 5000 employees of the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany. Together with our partner Schenker Salvi Weber, we developed a competition concept that sets a new path between architectural ensemble and individuality.

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Photo: Hertha Hurnaus

best architects 21

Leoben Education Centre

Our renovation and extension of the historically listed primary school and new secondary school in Leoben has won an internationally prestigious best architects 21 award.

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Architecture without Vanity

Intermezzo with Franz&Sue on Ö1 radio station

Each Sunday, the radio programme Intermezzo on radio station Ö1 invites artists to a conversation. Franz&Sue partners Harald Höller and Robert Diem spoke with Anna Soucek about our office philosophy, the architecture cluster Stadtelefant, and projects that are important to us on a personal and political level.

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Mai 2020
Photo: Louai Abdul Fattah

What a boost!

Top 3 in the architect ranking on competitiononline.com

In this year’s ranking of competition successes we rose to the top amongst Austrian offices and took third place internationally. On the occasion competitiononline invited us for an interview.

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März 2020

We keep on working

Franz&Sue in home office

In mid-March 2020 the Austrian Federal Government announced a nationwide lockdown to combat the pandemic. Our team keeps on working and provides insights into the architects’ daily work in home office.