Terraces Ace the Test

Leopold-Kohr-Straße Primary and Secondary School, Vienna

Viennese call the districts north of the Danube “Transdanubia.” What sounds like a world far removed from contemporary urbanity is in fact a budding neighbourhood with bustling construction activity. Our primary and secondary school on Leopold-Kohr-Straße in Kagran, situated between a business park, recent housing estates, and the Ostbahn railway, sets a new anchor point in the district’s urban development. With its lively forecourt and play and sports areas, which can also be used by local residents, the school adds a new quality to the neighbourhood. Spacious, covered terraces transform the façade into a vertical garden and articulate important spaces for learning and leisure, which can be used all year round.



David Schreyer


Stadt Wien



Net Usable Floor Area

10.019 m²

At the heart of the all-day school, two sculptural, reflective bridges make the central atrium a very special space, instilling it with an atmosphere of discovery and movement. From this hub for orientation and the common meeting point in the school, there is direct access on all levels to the inviting outdoor terraces. On the ground floor, the children and youth can enjoy views to the school garden through room-height windows during lunch or in the library.

»The heart of the school is a lively go-between to the education clusters. This large, central atrium has a special spatial quality: mirrored bridges enhance the space as a playful design elements.«

Christian Ambos, Franz&Sue partner

Classy Terraces

Each of the education clusters has a circular layout and receives ample natural light from all sides. Classrooms alternate with open, multifunctional niches. Furthermore, each cluster has plenty of sheltered outdoor space with direct access to its own terrace. Here the children can playfully find their favourite spots and discover new things at their school. Shafts and openings offer exciting views between the levels and connect them. With floor-to-ceiling steel cable meshes, the terraces remain safe yet transparent – over time, wild vines will climb up these trellises. Behind them, the natural larch wood façade will gradually acquire a silver-grey patina through the effects of weathering.

»The spacious terraces extend the indoor space outside. There is plenty of space for learning, playing, and romping around outdoors – including a slide on the first floor with the fastest connection to the garden.«

Edin Hadžović, Franz&Sue project manager

City Side and Garden Side

On their breaks, the pupils can quickly reach the school garden from the upper levels via large flights of stairs and a slide. Some of the play and sports areas are freely accessible in the evenings and on weekends. The courtyard in front of the school is a first building block for a more urban quality of life in the neighbourhood. The two sunken sports halls flanking the entrance can be used by external guests outside school hours. 

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Stadt Wien



Gross Floor Area

11.551 m²

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Net Usable Floor Area

10.019 m²


Edin Hadžović (PL), Friederike Dammaß (PL), Anita Bartos, Diana Jarincikova, Leire Azkarate, Thomas Karl, Judith Mayr, Sophie Wiedemann, Johannes Tiefenthaler, Darija Malesevic, Kübra Inal, Jonas Kunzelmann, Ajdin Vukovic

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