Aiming High

Nordbahnhof Residential High-Rise Building Site, Vienna
Photography: Louai Abdul Fattah


We are building our first high-rise residential building on the site of the former North Railway Station. With its striking knitted façade pattern, it will be one of the distinctive cornerstones of the new quarter.

On the site of the former North Railway Station in Vienna’s second district, our first high-rise residential building is currently creeping up in the skyline. Three quarters have already been completed, and when it is finished, the building on the corner of Taborstraße and Leystraße will be 21 storeys. By 2025, a new urban quarter with six high-rises will be built on the site. Part of the former industrial wasteland will be preserved here as a large, urban wilderness – the “Freie Mitte” (Free Centre). In exchange, the residential towers around its perimeter reach metropolitan heights.

Our project is situated in the northern part of the area, opposite the old water tower and inside the turnaround loop of tram line O. At this prominent point, the high-rise forms an urban landmark and represents one of the “keystones” in the district. With a slight twist and the kink of the two main façades, the building orients towards the expansive, wild green spaces of the “Freie Mitte”.

With its eye-catching façade and the white wind and sun protection elements, the high-rise building has an unmistakable appearance. The balcony fronts alternate in different variations, forming a pattern that resembles knit and purl stitches. The characteristic façade design will make the building one of the distinguishing cornerstones of the new neighbourhood. Throughout the complete area, the ground floor zones are intended for lively public functions – and our project is no exception. Above, approximately 200 flats are accommodated on the upper floors.