Die Schatzkiste Tirols, Sammlungs- und Forschungszentrum der Tiroler Landesmuseen | zum Projekt

Franz&Sue and the people behind the scenes | Photos: Paul Bauer and Franz&Sue/Louai Abdul Fattah | About us

From Architects with Love, City quarter building & architecture cluster in Sonnwendviertel, Vienna | See project

Franz&Sue&the No.

»We stick to our values and take our responsibility to everyone who encounters our architecture very seriously. Therefore, a No is just as important to us as a Yes.«

Franz&Sue&daring to dream.

»We are dedicated and full of hope because we believe that each vision and each idea needs one thing in particular: the boldness to give it a chance.«

Franz&Sue&walk the talk.

»We stand by our words. Always. This is what makes us a reliable partner, ready to walk short or longer paths, and winding roads, too.«

The New Centre, Konrad Lorenz Secondary School in Gänserndorf, Lower Austria | See project

Franz&Sue&letting go.

»We believe that good architecture must be able to survive in the world on its own. This means withstanding changes and proving its adaptability, no matter how it is used. When we let go of our designs in the end, they must be able exist without us. Only then have we done everything right and can celebrate what we have created.«

Franz&Sue&learning from one another.

»We are general planners who work in big interdisciplinary teams. We have learned to listen carefully and give the best idea priority over hierarchical structures. We're convinced that architecture can truly succeed when there is a common vision and everyone puts their vanity aside now and then.«

Die Schöpfung bewahren, Evangelischer Campus Nürnberg | zum Baustellenbericht


»We pay great attention to quality. That’s why we invest just as much time, energy, and devotion at the end of a project as in the beginning. And any point in between.«

Franz&Sue&the free radical.

»We believe in relevance beyond fashion trends. That’s why our architecture is clear, radical, and sustainable. Made by people for people, not for prestige or short-lived vogues.«

Franz&Sue&breaking routines.

»Contradictions and differences are essential to our approach, for they reveal new perspectives and potentials and keep us self-critical.«

Franz&Sue&the entire team, Photo: Louai Abdul Fattah | About

Evangelical Church Campus Nuremberg, Bavaria | See project


The Cycle of Life, New Headquarters for Berlin Waste Management| See project


Berlin Duet, Federal Ministry and Residential Complex, Berlin | See project

Glatt und verkehrt, Wohnhochhaus Nordbahnhof | zum Projekt