The New Centre

Konrad Lorenz Secondary School in Gänserndorf, Lower Austria

Bright hallways, friendly classrooms, and an airy aula as a communicative hub: With our new extension and the renovation of the existing buildings, we have transformed an outmoded, dark corridor school into an open house for contemporary learning.



Lisa Rastl, EMILBLAU/Martin Geyer


Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.



Net Usable Floor Area

10.800 m²


klimaaktiv Silber

A School for Well-Being

Accommodating around 1000 students, the Konrad Lorenz Secondary School is the largest building complex in Gänserndorf. However, the existing sombre school, with its single-story classroom wings and long corridors, was no longer fit for the task. So we developed a new spatial concept for a total of 40 classes. We renovated and adapted the existing buildings to the north and south and inserted a new connecting structure between them, which resulted in a modern and friendly school ensemble where teachers and pupils can feel at home.

Natural Lightness

With the new addition, the secondary school also obtained a new, characteristic exterior. The delicate wooden lamella façade lends the building lightness and dynamism. Made of native larch, the diagonally and vertically aligned slats will, due to weathering effects over time, acquire a beautiful silvery-grey patina.

»We have created spatial conditions for contemporary, flexible teaching and learning.«

Wolfgang Gleissner, BIG Managing Director

»By equipping an otherwise functionless leftover space under the stairs with the yellow gymnastics mat, we created a highly frequented area where children queue up during recess to let off steam.«

Lucie Vencelidesova, Franz&Sue project manager

Everything in View

The spacious aula at the centre of the complex forms the communicative and emblematic heart of the school. A broad seating staircase with multi-coloured cushions connects the garden, ground, and upper floors. In the zone underneath, schoolchildren can play table tennis or table soccer during breaks and romp around on a gymnastics mat. Three large skylights bathe the space with plenty of daylight.

Starting at the public areas, such as the aula and the redesigned foyer, the classes are grouped spatially into clusters. In additional break and activity zones, there is comfortable seating or climbing poles for the pupils to clamber around on.

»We developed a graphic design concept for this expansive building that assigns each classroom a unique visual address – a complex system of patterns, each derived from different combinations of three elements: colour, grid, and motif.«

Kriso Leinfellner,Visuelle Kultur KG


Follow the Colour

To ensure easy orientation in the expansive building, we developed a graphical guidance system together with Kriso Leinfellner/Visuelle Kultur KG, which assigns each class its own unique visual address. While sea green is the primary colour throughout the interiors, each floor is also marked with an own signal colour – red, green, or blue. Depending on the location in the school, there is also a distinctive pattern for each class cluster, which can be found, for example, on glazed surfaces or the seating niches, which are designed as multifunctional built-in furniture that separate the classes from the corridors. The opposite sides of these elements provide ample storage space in the classrooms.

Generous Outdoor Area

From the room-height windows in the classrooms, pupils have a view to the schoolyards and the lavishly designed school garden. The outdoor areas, like the indoor spaces, are anything but monotonous: With a variety of furniture and alternating structured squares and natural areas, there is plenty of space for relaxing, movement, play, and creative learning.

Floor Plan Ground Floor

Floor Plan Upper Floor

Floor Plan Garden Floor



Site Plan

Type Of Commission

EU-weit offener einstufiger Wettbewerb


Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.



Gross Floor Area

12.240 m²

Scope Of Commission



Gänserndorf, Niederösterreich





Net Usable Floor Area

10.800 m²


Lucie Vencelidesová (PL), Andreas Reuter, Christoph Holzinger, Josef Kern, Mihail Karakolev, Elly van der Bloemen, Lara Baler, Alexandra Flanjak, Paulina Lakomiec, Gregor Natter, Jan Nüske


klimaaktiv Silber

Structural Engineer


Building Physics


Building Services


Landscape Planning


Fire Safety Planning

Hoyer Brandschutz

Site Supervision

ARGE PM1 + PM1 Wien


Lisa Rastl, EMILBLAU/Martin Geyer

Other Cooperation

Architekturgrafik, Mitarbeit Innenausbau: Visuelle Kultur KG