In Case of Emergency: Dial 133

Headquarters of the State Police Directorate, Upper Austria

The new police headquarters is hermetically sealed off in the inner courtyard of the directorate complex in Linz. From now on, all emergency calls and security operations from across the state are coordinated from here. The building has a confident and well-secured outward appearance, while remaining open and bright on the inside. A modern control centre as the nexus of the police nervous system.



David Schreyer


Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.



Net Usable Floor Area

2.993 m²

A Secure Control Centre

Emergency calls and police deployments used to be coordinated separately in each district. In the new state headquarters, the organisation for all of Upper Austria is consolidated at one location. The four-storey building is hermetically sealed off in the inner courtyard of the directorate complex in Linz. Around the entrance area on the ground floor, the elevated structure provides covered parking space for dispatch vehicles. A white cubic volume floats above with distinctive, all-round bands of windows, presenting itself to the outside world self-confidently yet somewhat aloof at the same time. A high-security control centre where operations throughout the state will be coordinated and all emergency calls will be handled in the future.

»In a straightforward yet distinctive manner, the architects succeed in lending the building identity and managing the delicate balancing act between the public and seclusion.«

Excerpt from the jury protocol

1600 Calls per Day

The heart of the building is the actual more than 300 m² headquarter control room. At 14 high-end consoles with large monitors, the officers respond to calls and plan the respective operations. 600,000 telephone calls are handled here per year – about 1640 daily.

Green Courtyard

At the core of the building, protected from the outside, is a green inner courtyard. A place of refuge for the staff, a space for short breaks before the next assignment.

»The initiative for the green atrium came from us architects. We give the staff a place to take a break from their demanding work. A hidden oasis in the hermetic building.«


Between Openness and Protection

The central courtyard and the bands of windows running around the perimeter provide ample daylight throughout the building. Horizontal slats add structure to the windows and offer protection from undesired views. In this way, there is a balance between a bright and friendly workplace and the necessary distance to the outside.

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Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.



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Net Usable Floor Area

2.993 m²


Horst Bernhard (PL), Barbara Hohensinn, Florian Haim, Daniel Kleber, Julia Aigner, Lukas Kroboth, Pavlo Kukurudz, Claude Probst

Structural Engineer


Building Physics


Building Services


Landscape Planning


Fire Safety Planning

Hoyer Brandschutz


David Schreyer