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Plaited Right and Left

Wohnhochhaus Nordbahnhof, Wien

Non-public realization competition, 1st Prize

[EN] Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Nordbahnhof

The site of the former Nordbahnhof railway terminal in Vienna’s second district is currently a wild and overgrown oasis of nature. But between now and 2025, a new urban neighborhood – structured and dominated by six residential complexes – will be springing up here around a large, natural-looking park called the freie Mitte – the neighborhood’s “open middle” or “free center”. We’re proud to have been chosen by this project’s competition jury to design one of these trailblazing residential high-rises.

A lively urban neighborhood is set to develop on the former Nordbahnhof site, and our pioneering contribution to this process will be a residential tower with a public ground-floor zone and an unmistakable character.


Up, up, and away!

At the corner of Taborstraße and Leystraße, three buildings will demarcate a protected open area that is to serve as this neighborhood’s center and will also contain the terminus of tram line O. While this high-rise with its broad base and 21 stories won’t exactly scrape the sky, it will offer its residents impressive views – across a sweeping urban landscape to the east, and into the aforementioned “open middle” or freie Mitte on its western side.



Green spaces

Let’s twist again

The unmistakable shape and façade of this tower are more than just nice-looking. We’ve also opened it up to the surrounding greenery by giving it a slightly twisted shape that’s folded in on two sides. The result is a dynamic and elegant building perched airily at the park’s edge. For the façades, we took inspiration from grandma’s knitted scarves – employing a variety of balcony grill designs to produce a pattern much like one does with right-and left-plaited stitches. And residents will be able to adjust the coverings of their balconies for both shade and privacy.

[EN] Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Nordbahnhof

Leisure time together

On the flat roofs of this complex’s low-rise bases, which overlook the square, residents will also be able to enjoy more private outdoor spaces – with a clear highlight being the swimming pool on one of the planted rooftops. And since the ground floors of all buildings in this new neighborhood will be publicly accessible, our floor plans permit flexible uses ranging from fitness center to library and on to various types of commercial spaces, not to mention spaces useable as a lobby for the tower and as a large common room. Our building’s upper stories will be used to create approximately 200 apartments.



Type of commission

nicht offener Realisierungswettbewerb


1. Preis


KIBB Immobilien GmbH




Ab 2019


In Bearbeitung

Net usable floor area

16.100 m²

Gross floor area

22.800 m²


Björn Haunschmid-Wakolbinger (PL), Dieter Fellner, Katarína Martoňáková, Pavlo Kukurudz, Johannes Tiefenthaler, Kateřina Kunzová