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Diamonds in the rough

Study Centre at Montanuniversität Leoben

EU-wide two-stage open competition, 1st prize

[EN] Studienzentrum Montanuni Leoben

International research and development thrives in an open and engaging environment.


Investing in the future

In the face of changing university politics the Montanuniversität Leoben has remained solid as a rock: specialising in mining, metallurgy and materials science, it is one of the leading institutions of its kind worldwide. Its campus is set to be expanded continuously over the next 30 years – and we will lay down the first building block: Construction of the new Study Centre right by the Mur river will start in autumn 2019. In addition to that, we are developing the urban design concept for the area.

[EN] Studienzentrum Montanuni Leoben

Landmarks for Leoben

The second-largest town in the state of Styria owes a lot to its university and is suitably proud of the gem in its centre where 4,000 students from around the world receive an excellent education. A state-of-the-art US-style campus right by the river, situated amidst historic 19th-century buildings and surrounded by mountains: It is these marked contrasts that define the identity of this university town.

[EN] Studienzentrum Montanuni Leoben

We are adding not only one but two landmarks to Leoben’s urban fabric: Just 500 metres from the plot of the new Study Centre, we are currently renovating and extending a primary school and lower-secondary NMS school. The listed building is being transformed into the contemporary Leoben Education Centre.


The expansion of our campus allows us to provide a modern environment that offers cutting-edge infrastructure plus the lecture-hall capacities that we need.

Wilfried Eichlseder, Chancellor of Montanuniversität Leoben
[EN] Studienzentrum Montanuni Leoben
Floor plan ground floor and upper floor 1

A campus with a clear identity

In our two university buildings, the ‘intermediate zones’ are as important as the rooms dedicated to teaching, studying etc. – because research and education need something of everything in order to thrive: spaces to communicate and to learn, to concentrate and to relax. The three lecture halls distributed across the Study Centre seat a total of ca. 1,000 students. The crystal form is our reference to the university’s specific focus areas; it creates an unmistakable aura inside the building and gives it identity. The cafeteria and library in the opposite building serve as a meeting place, and the spacious green area in between is our first step towards developing the ‘Campus in the Park’.

[EN] Studienzentrum Montanuni Leoben
Floor plan upper floor 3

The Montanuniversität has shaped Leoben ever since its foundation in 1840. Our Study Centre is a distinctive addition that contributes to the university’s identity and makes a lasting impression with its versatile design

[EN] Studienzentrum Montanuni Leoben

[EN] Studienzentrum Montanuni Leoben
Site plan


Type of commission

EU-weit offener zweistufiger Wettbewerb


1. Preis


Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.






In Bearbeitung

Net usable floor area

9.600 m²


Corinna Toell (PL), Sophie Wiedemann, David Schiefer, Johannes Alge, Suvi Repo, Ajdin Vukovic, Julia Sonnleitner, Gregor Natter, Johanna Schultze, Lara Baler


Structural engineer

Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH

Building physics


Building services

Zencon GmbH

Landscape planning

EGKK Landschaftsarchitektur

Fire safety planning

Norbert Rabl Ziviltechniker GmbH