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In case of emergency

State Police Department emergency control centre, Upper Austria

EU-wide, non-open project competition, 1st prize

[EN] Landesleitzentrale Linz

The project offers a striking blend of banality and intelligent simplicity while also being remarkably cost-effective.

Excerpt from the jury protocol

Ready for action

Most people passing Gruberstrasse no. 35 in Linz would be hard-pressed to guess that this plain complex houses the ‘brains’ of the regional police: The State Police Department of Upper Austria unobtrusively blends in with its surroundings. It is only when police cars leave the premises with their blue lights flashing that the building reveals its purpose. We are currently planning the State Police Department emergency control centre here. It will be located in the courtyard of the complex that is now used as a sports ground – in future, this will be the police nerve centre where all security operations and emergency calls are handled.

State Police Department emergency control centre, Linz
Floor plan: upper floor 1

Hard shell, green core

The white cube with the distinctive ribbon windows looks unassuming yet confident and elegant, and also somewhat unwelcoming – it is, after all, a high-security mission control centre that needs to be well protected against outside influences.

The architects have found a straightforward and original way to give the building identity and strike the difficult balance between publicness and privacy.

Excerpt from the jury protocol
State Police Department emergency control centre, Linz
Floor plan: ground floor

The courtyard in the centre of the complex is not visible from outside. Around this green atrium, the most important rooms are arranged in a clear and efficient manner. But while efficiency is key, we should not forget that behind all those screens and desks there are people. People who fulfil crucial tasks and have to take far-reaching decisions in very little time and under a lot of pressure every day. We are giving them a place to meet, chat and relax.


The initiative for the green atrium came from us architects. We offer the staff a brief retreat from their demanding work. A hidden oasis in this hermetic building.

State Police Department emergency control centre, Linz

State Police Department emergency control centre, Linz
Site plan


Type of commission

nicht offener Wettbewerb


1. Preis


Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.








In Bearbeitung

Net usable floor area

2.800 m²

Gross floor area

3.250 m²

Building costs

5,0 Mio. €


Barbara Hohensinn (PL), Florian Haim, Daniel Kleber, Louai Abdul Fattah, Claude Probst


Structural engineer

petz zt-gmbh

Building physics

kppk ZT GmbH

Building services

E-LITE Techn. Engineering GmbH

Fire safety planning

Hoyer Brandschutz GmbH