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17,500 m² of housing

Residential development of the Freytag Grounds, Vienna

230 apartments for Kallco

We have been part of this project ever since the urban design was developed on the basis of a cooperative procedure, and we are now looking forward to the first residents bringing this new district to life in 2018.

Eva Fischer, project manager with Franz&Sue

The project is located at the edge of the densely built part of Vienna’s 11th municipal district, near the terminal station of the U3 underground line at Simmering. At present the large site, surrounded by former gardens and once used for commercial and business purposes, still looks rather neglected in its heterogeneous surroundings.


The Freytag grounds have remained unused since the car sales business was moved to different premises. With its proximity both to the U3 underground line and to the green space around the nearby Schloss Neugebäude castle the site is ideally suited for development.

Freytag Gründe Wohnbau

A forecourt with a high-rise building emphasises the approach from the seemingly endless Simmeringer Hauptstraße. In terms of urban design the tall building marks the boundary between the closed development running along Simmeringer Hauptstraße and the more open development behind that extends in the direction of the Central Cemetery.

Another four further residential buildings in this project are positioned to create a green, car-free sequence of open spaces within the development. The base of the building on Simmeringer Hauptstraße is used for commercial purposes as well as a kindergarten.

Freytag Gründe Wohnareal

[EN] Entwicklung der Freytag Gründe zum Wohnareal, Wien
Ground floor

[EN] Entwicklung der Freytag Gründe zum Wohnareal, Wien
Standart floor

[EN] Entwicklung der Freytag Gründe zum Wohnareal, Wien

[EN] Entwicklung der Freytag Gründe zum Wohnareal, Wien
Site plan


Type of commission

kooperatives Verfahren

Scope of commission

Entwurf bis zur Einreichung, Leitdetailplanung, KO


Kallco Development GmbH









Net usable floor area

19.190 m² HNF inkl. Freiräume

Gross floor area

22.300 m²

Building costs

21,3 Mio. €


Eva Fischer (PL), Björn Haunschmid-Wakolbinger (PL), Werner Reifner, Thomas Karl, Monika Liebman-Zugschwert, Leonie Armeanu, David Kovařík, Thomas Rögelsperger


Structural engineer

DI Alexander Katzkow & Partner GmbH

Building physics

DI Alexander Katzkow & Partner GmbH

Building services

Gebäudetechnik Krainer GmbH

Landscape planning

Kandl Landschaftsplanung

Fire safety planning

DI Eugen-Michael Pausa

Site supervision

Conspeed Baumanagement GmbH