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Into the Wild

Residential complex on Bruno Marek Allee, Nordbahnhof site, Vienna

Developed for KIBB

The grounds of Vienna’s abandoned Nordbahnhof train station, long a weedy urban wilderness, have recently been transformed into the beginnings of an expansive new residential neighborhood right by the Praterstern. Over the next few years, the traffic-calmed redevelopment of this area near the center of town will eliminate a large gap in the fabric of the second district.

Our residential complex on Bruno Marek Allee makes a statement at the heart of the Nordbahnhof urban development zone. It’s an intricately designed structure for a diverse array of residences atop public ground-floor areas that will enliven and enrich this new neighborhood.

Home Living with Open Space

On Bruno Marek Allee, this urban development zone’s main artery, we developed a residential complex with 36 occupant-owned apartments and 102 rental units. Sized from 47 to 128 m2 and with their own open-air spaces, these dwellings represent the ideal substance for an individual and diverse neighborhood. We’re particularly fond of the units that extend through the building, with views of both the promenade in front and the property’s park-like grounds in back.

Convivial Ground Floor

Public ground-floor zones – which ensure a greater degree of mixing and make a lively neighborhood possible in the first place – are now more or less standard in every good residential development project. The entire Bruno Marek Allee is designed according to this concept, and our design features open floor plans that ensure flexible use over the long term. Here, a post office, an organic bakery, a health-food store, and the Austrian-Mideastern restaurant Habibi & Hawara now attract residents from the entire neighborhood. These public spaces’ generous 4 m room height distinguishes them from the residential levels, and a columned arcade outside offers shade during the summer.

Interconnected structures of differing height are arranged pleasantly out of line and lend character to this residential address.

Intricately Out Of Line

Bruno Marek Allee is a long, tree-lined boulevard that extends out to the new residential neighborhood ›Freie Mitte‹ on Taborstraße, where we’re currently planning a high-rise apartment house. This thoroughfare unites home living, work, education, and leisure in a single neighborhood, opening up a new chapter in Vienna’s urban development. Public transport is being developed apace, with a green-track extension of the O-tram planned for completion by the end of 2020.

Rather than build a typical line of apartment buildings here, we designed a row of structures that contrast both in their height and in how far they’re set back from the street. This intricate arrangement makes possible rooftop gardens as well as additional balconies and loggias for the rental units. The owned apartments, located around the corner in the section on Schweidlgasse, provide even more open-air spaces and interesting contrasts thanks to balconies that extend into the urban realm. This is a residential address that integrates itself into the urban fabric in a simple and matter-of-fact way while still stepping pleasantly out of line.

One finds a quality of life here that’s otherwise to be had only in the suburbs – with abundant space as well as opportunities for privacy. And it’s all smack in the middle of the second district, plugged directly into the city’s beating urban heart.

[EN] Wohnbebauung, Bruno Marek Allee / Nordbahnhof
Floor plan standard upper floor

[EN] Wohnbebauung, Bruno Marek Allee / Nordbahnhof

[EN] Wohnbebauung, Bruno Marek Allee / Nordbahnhof
Site plan


Type of commission


Scope of commission

Entwurf bis zur Einreichung, Leitdetailplanung, KO


KIBB Immobilien GmbH









Net usable floor area

10.449 m² Wohnnutzfläche

Gross floor area

14.421 m²

Building costs

15,6 Mio. €


David Kovařík (PL), Björn Haunschmid-Wakolbinger (PL), Eva Fischer, Diogo Cruz


Structural engineer

Danmayr ZT

Building physics


Building services

Kainer GmbH

Landscape planning

Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur

Fire safety planning


Cost management

KIBB Immobilien GmbH


David Schreyer