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1:1 for Puntigam

Puntigam Educational Campus, Graz

EU-wide open design & build competition, 1st Prize

The new Puntigam Educational Campus features clusters with natural lighting from all four sides and protected open spaces so that students can attend school in contemporary learning landscapes rich in variety. And the quality of this all-day school is given an additional boost by its large common school garden.

Robert Diem, partner at Franz&Sue

It’s been clear for some time now that the Puntigam Primary School and New Secondary School at the southern edge of Graz will be unable to meet the projected need for additional classrooms and common spaces, here, with a whopping 20 additional primary school classes and four additional secondary school classes planned for this site in the future. We therefore replace the existing pavilion-like primary school building with a new three-story structure, create a common entrance area, and combine the existing schoolyards to form a large school garden. The result is a modern cooperative educational campus with lots of space for learning, physical activity, and leisure pursuits.

Open Space for Encounters

To lend this shared address a face, we expand the area at the corner of Gradnerstraße and Nippelgasse where the two schools’ teachers and students arrive to create a representative forecourt in front of the new glassed-in entrance. Upon entry, one sees a generously configured collection of spaces that includes an assembly hall, a library, and a cafeteria, which in turn connect to the school garden.

The new campus features an educational interface of sorts with the nursery school across the street to the west. We render this connection visible in the shape of our new primary school building, the upper floors of which meander between terraces that create openings towards both the nursery school and the central schoolyard. And at the building’s northern end, we reduce its height to just two stories to create an appropriate buffer zone between the school, its green area, and the adjacent residential buildings.

Floor plan ground floor

Flexible Space for Learning

We arrange the primary school’s five clusters such that each has direct access to an outdoor area; furthermore, open learning landscapes provide multifunctional common areas that connect the classrooms while also providing the entire building with lots of daylight. For periods of quiet study or concentrated group work, one can divide these areas using pieces of mobile furniture, and there’s also a separate workroom.

The existing secondary school building is given an additional level—and here, too, we implement a modern cluster concept. The clusters are grouped around the bright, expanded atrium and feature their own outdoor terraces.


Combining the existing inner courtyards of the new secondary school to form a large open space not only provides better lighting but also greatly enhances the entire site’s spatial qualities.

Excerpt from the Jury Protocol


Green Space out Back

The previously fragmented inner courtyard will soon become a green paradise for kids both big and little. And especially at an all-day school, large and varied outdoor areas are valuable indeed—for breaks, relaxation, and play, but also for athletic activities and outdoor studying.

Floor plan standard floor

Site plan


Type of commission

EU-weit offener Wettbewerb


1. Preis


GBG Gebäude- und Baumanagement Graz GmbH


Graz, Puntigam


Ab 2019


In Bearbeitung

Gross floor area

5.792 m²


Martino Libisch (PL), Silvia Mládenková, Tomasz Przybyła, Liča Anić, Louai Abdul Fattah, Claude Probst, Hana Benova