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Prison-staff training academy, Wickenburggasse, Vienna

Negotiated procedure, 1st prize

[EN] Strafvollzugsakademie Wickenburggasse, Wien

Endless corridors, dark rooms, antiquated equipment – much of what people associate with prisons is also found in the training facilities for prison staff. Amongst other things, we saw the tender for the complete renovation of the prison-staff training academy (Strafvollzugsanstalt) in Wickenburggasse in Vienna’s 8th district as a chance to bring light into the building. In addition to renovating and modernising the existing 1980s structure we consider it crucial to improve the quality of both the teaching and office rooms and the common areas and to provide state-of-the-art accommodation for the young students.


Prison-staff training academy Wickenburggasse
Floor plan: teaching
Prison-staff training academy Wickenburggasse
Floor plan: living

From the shooting range to the kitchen

The varied design of the building’s eight floors reflects the equally diverse aspects of the work and training of a prison guard. The two basement floors house a shooting range and a gym and are dedicated to sports and practical exercises as well as tactical training and simulating behaviour in the cell room. Renovation here will focus on modernising the premises and making them fit for contemporary teaching methods.

A building designed for such a wide variety of purposes requires flexible solutions – spaces to work, learn and relax.


The ground floor and the first three upper floors will house lecture halls, seminar rooms and academy management offices. Our focus here is on providing spaces for socialising and professional meetings. The lounge and corridors will be more than just circulation zones.
The fourth and fifth upper floors will house the students’ sleeping and living quarters. For increased comfort and privacy, the original double rooms will be converted into single rooms with ensuite WC. Spacious common areas between the individual rooms and a small kitchen will invite students to come together during the 20-week training course. A new common room with a terrace is the perfect place for festivities and events.


[EN] Strafvollzugsakademie Wickenburggasse, Wien
[EN] Strafvollzugsakademie Wickenburggasse, Wien

We will let light into the dark corners and long corridors!


Bright insights and outlooks

State-of-the-art teaching and training rooms require transparency, openness and as much natural light as possible. In order to bring daylight into the previously dark corridors we placed floor-to-ceiling windows and transparent doors into the interior walls of offices and teaching rooms. In the living quarters, a skylight will provide sufficient daylight in the middle zones.

The entire complex will also be adapted to meet modern accessibility requirements, which conforms with the overall approach of a flexible use of space.



Type of commission



1. Preis


Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.






In Bearbeitung

Building costs

4,0 Mio. €


Barbara Hohensinn (PL), Ajdin Vukovic, Andreas Reuter


Structural engineer

kppk ZT GmbH

Building services

Zencon GmbH