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Office building on Perspektivstrasse in the Prater, Vienna

Invited competition, IG Immobilien, 1st prize

Office building Perspektivstrasse Vienna

Prater Glacis

An unattractive car park used to occupy this 9,500 m² site on Perspektivstrasse in the immediate proximity of the Prater park, the Messe Wien trade fair complex, and Vienna’s University of Economics and Business. Development plans for the site include a new hotel by Zechner & Zechner architects, a hostel with serviced apartments by nonconform, and an office building designed by us. Named Prater Glacis, the project is to transform what was once a no-go area into an attractive access to the Prater.

Office building Perspektivstrasse Vienna

Sustainable world of work

In recent years this part of the city has gradually turned into a highly attractive residential area. Dead-end streets with reduced traffic, green streets and an appealing market provide everything that a modern residential neighbourhood with excellent connections to the city needs. It is important to ensure a mix of functions and workplaces in the area, and in this context the Stuwerviertel neighbourhood and the Prater Glacis provide a perfect example of sustainable urban development.  

We regarded it as important to provide a sustainable kind of architecture that can respond flexibly to the rapidly changing world of work.


Both we and the client believe that the office building should, above all, meet two aims: it should be sustainable in the long term, and it should provide a contemporary work environment. We think it is vital to ensure flexibility in how the building can be used: firms develop, staff come and go, and the world of work is changing fast – and much the same applies to the real estate market.

Office building Perspektivstrasse Vienna
Ground floor
Office building Perspektivstrasse Vienna
Standard floor

Light and lovely views

Continuous ribbon windows on each floor not only offer freedom in dividing up the space but also provide pleasant and even daylight. Only the staircase and sanitary facilities at the centre of the building are built in massive construction. This will offer future users numerous options in laying out the spaces, from very small office units to open, loft-like work environments.

The timber facades take up the theme of the wooded Prater.


Our concern was to ensure openness, plenty of daylight, beautiful outdoor spaces and terraces so that for the people who work here this beautiful setting can be ‘brought to the office desk’, as it were.

Office building Perspektivstrasse Vienna

Office space, flexibly divided up

In plan the building has a stepped form. The steps reflect the way in which the floors of the building are staggered. The cantilevered office floors shelter the car parking spaces below. The central circulation core allows for up to six office units on an area of 100 m².

Getting a breath of fresh air or just listening to the birds in the Prater.


The ground floor is generously glazed towards Perspektivstrasse. On one side a restaurant will bring life to the street, and on the other side the central lobby will be a meeting point in the office building. On the 3rd and 7th floors there are terraces where meetings can be held and office workers can grab a breath of fresh air or simply listen to the birdsong in the Prater.

Office building Perspektivstrasse Vienna


Type of commission

geladener Wettbewerb

Scope of commission

Gesamte Planung




IG Immobilien Management GmbH








In Berarbeitung

Net usable floor area

4.830 m²

Gross floor area

5.570 m²

Building costs

7,2 Mio. €


Barbara Hohensinn (PL), Carla Kuhn, Suvi Repo, Ajdin Vukovic, Louai Abdul Fattah


Structural engineer

dsp Dorr - Schober & Partner ZT GmbH

Building physics

dsp Dorr - Schober & Partner ZT GmbH

Building services

Indutherm GesmbH,

Fire safety planning

Kunz GmbH

Cost management

Baumanagement Forstner GmbH,
BM Erich Forstner