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From Architects with Love

Office building & creative cluster on Helmut Zilk Park, Vienna

EU-wide two-stage open competition, 1st prize

We love to explore new and unusual paths. Working together as equals and maintaining an intensive exchange of knowledge with others is – we are sure of that – beneficial to all. We live this philosophy at Franz&Sue, in the ‘fight club’ and in our voluntary work in various architectural institutions. Several of our projects are developed in cross-practice working groups even today. And soon we will realise a project that’s very close to our hearts together with friends and colleagues: ‘Das Haus’ (The house) near Helmut Zilk Park.

A creative place to work, think and connect in the middle of the city.


A creative cluster in one of the most exciting development area with its own ‘canteen’ and shared meeting and event rooms. For discussions, for networking and for cross-practice projects.

Ein kreativer Arbeits-, Denk- und Vernetzungsort inmitten der Stadt.


Ein Kreativcluster im Sonnwendviertel, einem der spannendsten Neubaugebiete Wiens, mit einem öffentlichen Lokal und gemeinsamen Veranstaltungsräumen. Für Diskussionen, zur Vernetzung und für büroübergreifende Projekte.

House of architecture

We believe that together we are stronger and life is easier. Therefore, we are developing, designing and building our office building right next to Vienna’s Central Station as a limited liability company (GmbH). It includes our architect friends from SOLID and PLOV as well as companies from related sectors such as a-null Bausoftware (construction software) and Hoyer Brandschutz (fire safety).

An exciting mix under one roof!


The Architekturstiftung (Austrian architecture foundation) and the association ‘architektur in progress’ will also move in as inspiring tenants. The ground floor will be enlivened with a joint programme. Activities will kick off in January 2019 when we will all move into our new ‘house of architecture’.

Hier wird vielfältiges Expertenwissen unter einem Dach gebündelt!


Die Architekturstiftung Österreich und der Verein architektur in progress arbeiten als Mieter im Co-Working space. Mit einem gemeinsamen Programm beleben wir das Erdgeschoss. Im sechsten Stockwerk findet man das neue Büro von Statik Petz.

Lobby with an extra room

Entry to the house is through a generous lobby that conveys a clear sense of identity, with offices on the floors above and apartments on the top two floors. An extra room with a tea kitchen on the ground floor is available to all users. It can be used to hold small events, meetings or children’s birthdays.

Let’s drop in for a coffee at the architects’ place!


The 150 m2 café on the ground floor acts as a ‘canteen’ for our team. It is run by Viennese coffee sommelier Tobias Radinger, also known as co-founder of the ‘phil’ café and bar in Vienna’s sixth district and founder of the ‘kaffeefabrik’ brand. Chef Barbara Chira has made herself a name with her delicious lunchtime specials at ‘Mittagstisch’ on Lerchenfelder Strasse. This common room can be used for discussions, informal events and meetings and invites people living and working in the neighbourhood as well as members of Vienna’s architectural scene to drop in and be ‘our’ guests.

Im Stadtelefant haben wir uns dafür 100 m² im Erdgeschoss freigehalten. Das öffentliche Lokal wird von Barbara Chira (Mittagstisch) und Tobias Radinger (das phil, kaffeeküche) betrieben und tagsüber auch als hauseigene Kantine genutzt. Dieser Gemeinschaftsort funktioniert als Raum für Diskussionen, informelle Meetings oder Events und lädt BewohnerInnen, Angestellte des Grätzls und bei Veranstaltungen auch die Wiener Architekturszene ein, „bei uns“ Gast zu sein und einzukehren.

Office building & creative cluster on Helmut Zilk Park
Ground floor - café
Office building & creative cluster on Helmut Zilk Park
Upper Floor 1 - office
Office building & creative cluster on Helmut Zilk Park
Upper floor 6 - living


Type of commission

EU-weit offener, zweistufiger Wettbewerb

Scope of commission





Bloch-Bauer-Promenade 23 Real GmbH








In Bearbeitung

Net usable floor area

3.150 m²

Gross floor area

3.750 m²

Building costs

4,5 Mio. €


Joseph Suntinger (PL), Norbert Peller (PL), Jonathan Hering, Karin Hackl, Philipp Stromer, Wolfgang Fischer, Carla Kuhn, Simon Frey, Caro Berger, Ajdin Vukovic


Structural engineer

petz zt-gmbh

Building physics

Schöberl & Pöll GmbH

Building services

BPS Engineering

Fire safety planning

Hoyer Brandschutz GmbH

Site supervision

A Quadrat Ziviltechniker GmbH


Andreas Buchberger,
Franz&Sue/Louai Abdul Fattah

Building contractor

Alfred Trepka GmbH