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Evangelical Church Campus


Invitation-only competition, winner

A decision that made headlines: the former Nuremberg postal headquarters—a.k.a. Betonburg (“Concrete Castle”)—is to become a campus of the Protestant churches in Bavaria. But instead of simply tearing down this hermetic office building just outside the old town wall, Germany’s federation of Lutheran, Reformed, and United churches launched an architectural competition for resource-conserving concepts. The church was after an expression of faith and respect for creation beyond the boundaries its own congregations—in the form of a sustainable, responsible stance towards the city and its inhabitants.

A community-building home for the Evangelical Church of today.

A Smile Towards the City

Our design employs tiny interventions to a significant effect. The existing substance with its broad podium and high-rise section will be preserved, with the gentle addition of a new story here and there. The new face of the Evangelical Church and its educational facilities opens in a friendly way on the Nuremberg city center with tall, glassed-in spaces and wooden façade elements.

From an urban development standpoint, this is a natural-seeming interpretation that honors the pre-existing 1970s complex while giving it a new, modern face.

From the competition jury’s comments

Student Marketplace

On its large forecourt, the campus welcomes visitors with stair seating that leads up to the glass-covered entrance, behind which are the café and library. The airy and social main artery thus formed runs through the structure’s entire base. At its center, an event space joins the cafeteria to form a multifunctional marketplace flanked by two green atriums. The surrounding areas of the expansive lower levels play host to this educational campus’s public life. The inner courtyards and rooftop terraces at various heights create open areas on every level with space for urban gardens, sports activities, or a rooftop bar.

Site plan

Floor plan ground floor


Type of commission

geladener Wettbewerb




Evangelisch Lutherische Kirche in Bayern


Nürnberg, Deutschland


In Bearbeitung

Gross floor area

48.600 m²

Building costs

60 Mio. €


Martino Libisch (PL), Johannes Tiefenthaler, Julia Sonnleitner, Magdalena Brodka, Gregor Ribarich, Norbert Peller, Cuong Tran-Viet, Darija Malesevic, Silvia Mládenková, Kübra Inal


Landscape planning

EGKK Landschaftsarchitektur