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Quintessence of the Weinviertel

Immendorf Preschool, Lower Austria

Invitation-only competition, 1st prize

We’re fond of the special combination of cozy security and open greenery that characterizes traditional farmhouses. And it’s a feeling that we aimed to replicate in our preschool project.


Cozy and Secure

This preschool’s greenfield site lies along the main road next to a densely forested property in Immendorf, Lower Austria. Our building is placed at the lot’s northeastern corner so that the entrance area and parking spaces connect directly with the road while at the same time serving as a protective buffer for the school’s outdoor spaces. This leaves a generous green area to the building’s south that’s shielded from the road so that the children can romp around freely.                 

Floor plan ground floor

Three Fingers into the Greenery

In structuring this preschool’s interior, we made it a special point to assure easy orientation, spaces with equivalent qualities, and protected access to the outdoors. The building’s street-facing section contains administrative spaces as well as a room for physical activities that can also be accessed directly from the outside, and across from this area are the easy-to-locate entry points for the preschool’s three groups of children. Each group has its own cloakroom area plus a core that contains the bathroom and a place to withdraw. The group rooms themselves extend like fingers into the green area out back, and they receive daylight from three sides.


The courtyards in between are interesting, high-quality outdoor areas that make it easier to look after the kids, and they also make for a protected transition to the school’s common open space and play areas.

Excerpt from the Jury Protocol

›Streckhöfe‹ of Tomorrow

Each nursery school group is enmeshed with the world outside by its own directly adjoining courtyard. And by adding pergolas, we create atmospheric and shady play areas that are easy for the nursery school teachers to keep an eye on from the group rooms. A reminiscence of this region’s ›Streckhöfe‹ (byre dwellings), reinterpreted for new generations.


Site plan


Type of commission

geladener Wettbewerb


1. Preis


Marktgemeinde Wullersdorf


Immendorf, Niederösterreich


Ab 2019


In Bearbeitung

Net usable floor area

630 m²

Building costs

1,6 Mio. €


Julia Aigner (PL), Daniel Kleber, Barbara Hohensinn, Anita Bartos, Louai Abdul Fattah, Helene Merkle