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Our school, our zones

Extension to elementary school and construction of a new triple-purpose sports hall in Kundl, Tyrol

Restricted competition, honourable mention

Elementary school in Kundl

The existing building is preserved

Although the existing building is adaptable and worth preserving, it is not really suitable for creating contemporary study zones and teaching environments. The concept envisages using the structure for all activities apart from the main classrooms. In addition to the cloakrooms the ground floor primarily accommodates the areas used during events: the school hall, music rooms and cafeteria.  

At basement level the training kitchen of the new middle school (NMS) is upgraded by creating an outdoor space with a herb garden, and the lighting is improved. Sufficient space remains for the backstage area, so that there is no need for an elaborate structure in the intermediate space next to the underground garage.  The teachers’ room is on the first floor, in easy reach of the study zones.


The sports hall is also open to non-school users

To organise the sports hall as efficiently as possible it has several entrances and a number of interfaces with the school. The visitors’ entrance on the west side is at the same level as the spectators’ gallery. The snack bar and sanitary facilities for visitors are also located here. The school has a direct internal access to the stands. Athletes who do not belong to the school enter the building on the south side, near where the car parking spaces are laid out along the site boundary. At basement level the changing rooms for the sports clubs are reached along the dirty corridor, while the pupils can also enter the hall directly by using the clean corridor.

Elementary school in Kundl

New rooms for the study zones

The new building provides the study zones with high-quality spaces for contemporary teaching. On each floor every cluster forms a separate spatial entity. This prevents the market squares from being used as a circulation space for other functions and enhances the quality of time spent there. An atrium with terraces that can also be used for outdoor lessons forms the centre of the study zones. The teaching spaces are connected with the market square by means of semi-open shelving and sliding walls. Placed in a transparent element linking the old and new buildings, the new main staircase forms the central part of the circulation system.


Type of commission

EU-weit, nicht offener Wettbewerb




Marktgemeinde Kundl   


Kundl, Tirol





Net usable floor area

7.100 m²


Carina Keller, Nadine Hoffmann, Andreas Reuter, Caro Berger