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Growing together

Carrée Atzgersdorf with GOYA, Illiz and EGKK

Building developer competition for Heimbau, Neue Heimat, Neues Leben, 1st prize

[EN] Karre Atzgersdorf

Vienna is growing and as a part of this process an attractive new urban district, known as Carrée Atzgersdorf, is being created in the south of the city. This is an area that offers enormous potential. The old centre of Atzgersdorf along with the entire surrounding area will be upgraded to evolve into a lively local urban centre. Rather than implementing a designed master plan, together the three building developers and three teams of architects responsible for this project are developing an authentic urban district that consists of eleven different buildings. This new place is being put together, piece by piece, in front of the eyes of the future residents.


Our aim is a diverse district that slowly grows together; we have no interest in implementing a designed master plan.


Intended primarily for housing, this district consists of a sequence of small, planted public squares, apartment buildings with very different typologies, eaves heights and facades, and building lots that are developed in a heterogeneous way. While we are working on this project as part of a team, in designing the buildings we each use our own architectural idiom. Urban planning of a different kind.

[EN] Karre Atzgersdorf

Small-scale structure with squares

The urban design concept was developed jointly in an earlier cooperative process and provided the basis for our ideas. It proposed a small-scale development pattern that employs buildings of clearly different heights. On each of the lots we placed a number of different building types composed of small elements. 

From one friendly, well laid out square to the next.


Instead of narrow streets the district offers a variety of green squares. All the building entrances can be reached from the central open space in the middle of the quarter, either directly or along a short route. As you stroll through the district you move from one friendly, well laid out square to the next.

At the same time we thought it important to open to the west, towards the tracks of the Southern Railway. Therefore, quite deliberately, there are a number of living spaces that face west and for these buildings we designed double layer facades to provide protection from noise. This preserves the possibility of continuing the development beyond the railway tracks and enables the new district to present a friendly face to this important railway line.

[EN] Karre Atzgersdorf

[EN] Carrée Atzgersdorf mit GOYA, Illiz und EGKK
[EN] Carrée Atzgersdorf mit GOYA, Illiz und EGKK
[EN] Carrée Atzgersdorf mit GOYA, Illiz und EGKK

A dialogue of different house types

The community building is positioned centrally in the middle of the urban district square. It faces towards the neighbours in the development to the east, who can also use this facility. The public functions are placed on Scherbangasse: alongside the required kindergarten and the community building with its communal facilities, these include a pub, a doctor’s surgery, and spaces for start-up businesses.

We talk to each other: this helps to give the quarter variety and to fill it with life.


In order to guarantee a lively diversity in this residential district each apartment building type is designed by a different team of architects. Through the involvement of three different developers working with three different teams of architects eleven independent building ‘types’ are created, which are intended to engage each other in a dialogue.

[EN] Carrée Atzgersdorf mit GOYA, Illiz und EGKK

Compact and cosy

In all houses the internal logic of the building is reflected in the facades, and so the design of the exterior always says something about the individual kinds of living spaces inside the building. In some cases the design of the facades is more elaborate, for instance, where there is a need to provide protection from noise.

The kind of architecture that ages well without looking old.


We use a formal idiom that avoids artificiality and can age well, without looking old after just a short time: a design that is self-explanatory and understandable to the residents. As they use very different formal idioms each of the eleven buildings is easily recognisable, enabling the tenants of the more than 500 dwelling units to say proudly:

I live in my house, not just a house.

Ground floor

Special open space

Our concept for open space takes these ideas further and sees design principles such as ‘compact and cosy’ or ‘expansive and open’ as a chance to develop a special kind of open space with an unmistakeable identity in this district, which is connected with the heart of Atzgersdorf and opens towards the west. It is also planned to allocate residents’ courtyards with community gardens and play areas for small children as well as roof gardens to the different buildings.

Site plan


Type of commission


Scope of commission

Gesamte Planung gemeinsam mit GOYA, Illiz und EGKK




Heimbau, Neue Heimat Gewog, Neues Leben




seit 2016


ab 2018


in Bearbeitung

Net usable floor area

38.000 m²


Karin Hackl (PL), Corinna Toell, Björn Haunschmid-Wakolbinger, Eva Fischer, David Kovařík, Kateřina Kunzová, Ajdin Vukovic, Barbara Hohensinn, Andreas Reuter, Thomas Huck, Florian Haim


Structural engineer

Dorr - Schober & Partner 

Building physics

Dorr - Schober & Partner 

Building services

dp - Gebäudetechnik GmbH

Landscape planning

EGKK Landschaftsarchitektur

Fire safety planning

DI Erich Röhrer



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