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Hello, Cheers, and Bye-Bye!

Beer Bar and Café, Vienna International Airport

Direct commission

[EN] Bierbar Flughafen Wien

Guests at the Airport

Restaurants, cafés, and bars at places of transit like airports embody a twilight zone of sorts. They’re neither here nor there – neither anybody’s regular haunts, nor recommended by travel guides as good places to meet up. So in designing a new beer bar and café at Vienna Airport, we decided to try and create a good place to wait with an identity of its own.

Our belief: airport architecture absolutely can be inviting!


[EN] Bierbar Flughafen Wien

Over to the beer bar for a cold one…

A pleasant place for a drink doesn’t need much – a few chairs and tables, a bar, decent food, and decent company. It’s a simple concept that we’ve transferred from outdoor cafés to the departure gates. Even from afar, one sees the illuminated all-caps “BIERBAR” sign – and at this bar, guests can expect local brews instead of the atmosphere of an international chain. What’s more, a combination of high-quality wood paneling and pleasantly warm lighting invite travelers to sit down and catch their breath. 

Despite the limited space, we want to give travelers options: seated at the bar with a large beer, they’ve got an unobstructed view of the planes on the apron; across the way, they can converse with other passengers in a sheltered seating area; and out at the raised bench and poseur tables in front, they can watch as the passengers flow through.

At Cafe Franzl, Viennese coffeehouse culture meets urban casual.


Beer Bar, elevation

Beer Bar, floor plan

…or for a quick coffee before takeoff

At Cafe Franzl, Viennese coffeehouse culture meets an urban casual feel. Saturated pink hues reminiscent of certain well-known Viennese coffeehouses, round lighting elements, and stone tabletops provide a hint of iconic city center interior design by the tarmac. Here, time can stand still for a bit – or for a while longer, should flights be delayed – and cushioned seating niches offer places to retreat for some extended newspaper-reading and laptop work.

We’ve brought authentic materials and stylistically appropriate design to a place that’s otherwise rather artificial and technical in nature. A piece of home at the airport.


With robust materials and authentic hand craftsmanship, we’ve created a haptic anchor amidst the anonymous, highly technologized atmosphere of the airport – and with it, we hope, a little piece of home from Vienna, too.

[EN] Café Franzl Flughafen Wien


Type of commission


Scope of commission



SSP Österreich GmbH









Net usable floor area

160 m² (Bierbar), 150 m² (Café)


Friederike Dammaß (PL), Simon Frey, Jonathan Hering



Andreas Buchberger