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Wonder(ful) Years

Assisted Living Facility for Seniors in Mödling, Lower Austria

Invitation-only design & build competition, 1st Prize

[EN] Franz&Sue Betreuungseinrichtung für Senioren

People don’t like talking about getting old, nor do they talk much about putting up buildings for old people. But we say: even at an advanced age, one should be able to spend wonderful years housed in respectable architecture.

High-quality of architecture and quality of life shouldn’t be a function of one’s age.


Near the Center of Mödling

The lot for this building, part of an urban redevelopment zone in Mödling, is the former site of a provincial police training facility. The neighborhood is dominated by the school across the way, one of Austria’s and Europe’s largest. In the near future, four-story villas with a total of 250 apartments will also be built here. Our five-story building, with four sides and a public zone on the ground floor, parlays between these dimensions.

[EN] Franz&Sue Betreuungseinrichtung für Senioren

One Building, Multiple Faces

The glassed-in ground floor plays host to the most important purveyors of everyday goods and services for residents, neighbors, and school students: alongside a supermarket and a tobacconist, the café with its generous patio at the street corner will provide a central meeting place for young and old alike. We’ve designed the upper floors as a “U”-shape open to the north, which gives the building two faces: towards the street, the ribbon façade with its wood cladding and loggia provides privacy, while the building’s core reveals a landscape of staggered terraces and bridges for taking strolls and spending time together.

Emphasis is placed on the common areas, which feature differing levels of intimacy. The common zone with adjoining loggia affords a retreat, while the open zone oriented toward the inner courtyard and the adjoining terraces encourages communication.

From the competition jury’s comments
Floor plan, upper level 2


Spaces for Withdrawal and Communication

We distribute the 47 assisted living units on the upper levels in such a way that all residents have their own protected outdoor areas while each level has common rooms and spaces for caregiving oriented on the social interior courtyard, from which one has a view of a charming meadow orchard. We’ve accounted for the needs of bedridden patients with low parapets to afford them a view of the lively neighborhood outside. The seniors living here will thus has sufficient space for withdrawal but an equal measure of incentives for communicative exchange. This is our idea of how people can go on living there individual lives while growing old together in dignity.

Section and elevation

Site plan


Type of commission

geladener Realisierungswettbewerb

Scope of commission



1. Preis


Grutschgasse 1-3 GmbH


Mödling, Niederösterreich


Ab 2019


In Bearbeitung

Net usable floor area

7.300 m²


Barbara Hohensinn (PL), Claude Probst, Katarína Martoňáková