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Apartment Building on Gudrunstraße, Vienna

Developed for KIBB & Mischek

[EN] Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Gudrunstraße

The immediate vicinity of the Hauptbahnhof, Vienna’s main train station, is witnessing the development of an entirely new urban neighborhood – the “Sonnwendviertel” in the 10th district, the green center of which will be the seven-hectare Helmut Zilk Park. A total of 5,000 apartments for 15,000 Vienna residents are being created at this site, and the entire area will be built up and filled with life by 2019. One of the new places that people will be calling home is our apartment building at the beginning of Gudrunstraße.

[EN] Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Gudrunstraße

Horizontal High-Rise

Our building here extends horizontally and has a “high-rise” structure placed on top.

A clear break in the urban fabric.


In order to have this building’s volume seem less massive, its two outwardly perceptible sections look as if they weren’t fused with each other; instead, the “high-rise” sits on the base section as if riding piggy-back. This nod to Vienna’s typical eaves height affirms the dimensions to which the surrounding area adheres.

[EN] Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Gudrunstraße
[EN] Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Gudrunstraße
[EN] Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Gudrunstraße

Greenery in Sight

Together with the entities that financed this project, we’ve built 311 affordable rental apartments with between two and four rooms and floor space of 49–115 m2 in a building right across the street from the adjacent park. The “entrance” to the Sonnwendviertel here consists in a green forecourt-like area with seating furniture; this is a place for meeting and arriving, a buffer zone to the street.

Our objective: to create as many apartments with a pleasing view as possible.


The loggia and windows are designed with solid 70-cm-high parapets topped by balustrades, thus forming spaces both private and semi-public. And each stairwell has its own slightly recessed entrance that’s protected from the weather by the loggia above.

[EN] Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Gudrunstraße

Ground Floor Accessibility

The ground floor provides access to the entirety of the building’s horizontally and vertically oriented inner structures. And it’s from this level that one reaches this building’s communal facilities: a common room where the two structures interface plus a table tennis room and leasable storage spaces. And on the upper floors, the access routes are kept extremely compact, making possible efficient floor plans for affordable living spaces.

A richly varied range of apartments for all tastes and requirements.

[EN] Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Gudrunstraße

Franz&Sue Wohnhochhaus Gudrunstraße
Floor plan, ground floor
Wohnbau Gudrunstraße
Floor plan, standard floor
Wohnbau Gudrunstraße

Wohnbau Gudrunstraße
Site plan


Type of commission


Scope of commission

Entwurf bis zur Einreichung, Leitdetailplanung, KO


Gudrunstraße Errichtungs GmbH









Net usable floor area

11.450 m² Wohnnutzfläche

Gross floor area

14.794 m²

Building costs

15,6 Mio. €


Eva Fischer (PL), Werner Reifner (PL), Thomas Karl, David Kovařík, Carina Keller, Anna Ladurner


Structural engineer

Dr. Ronald Mischek ZT

Building physics

Dr. Ronald Mischek ZT

Lighting design

Christian Ploderer

Landscape planning

Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur

Fire safety planning

Kunz GmbH

Cost management

KIBB Immobilien GmbH

Site supervision

Bachmann Oberweger Architekten ZT GmbH


Andreas Buchberger