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Parks and education

Angedair primary school, Landeck in Tyrol

Competition with preliminary application process, 1st prize

The primary school in Landeck, a historic district capital in Tyrol, was in urgent need of an upgrade. The school required a lot of additional space for pupils and a greater degree of transparency, while the layout of the spaces needed to be reorganised to facilitate contemporary teaching methods.


[EN] Volksschule Landeck

We renovated the important parts of the building fabric and demolished a section, creating a gap in which we inserted a new classroom wing. The extension in the courtyard houses a sports hall that is embedded in the ground and a new school hall; the generously dimensioned terrace on its roof can be used during breaks from lessons. In the schoolyard the extension clearly identifies the new main entrance.

All those involved took careful account of our requirements. The architects implemented their ideas inside the building rather than erecting a monument to themselves outside.

Daniela Lehmann, Director
[EN] Volksschule Landeck
[EN] Sanierung der Volksschule Angedair und Turnhallenn
Floor plans ground floor and first floor

Strengthening strengths

Closing the gap on the western side has accentuated the historic building, which now stands there in a calm and self-assured way. As a result, those very qualities that led to it being declared a listed building have been strengthened and the school’s dominant position on the square has been underlined.

The new Angedair primary school feels like a huge living room for the children with various spaces for learning and playing, indoors and outdoors.

Lucie Vencelidesova, Project leader at Franz&Sue
[EN] Volksschule Landeck
[EN] Volksschule Landeck
[EN] Volksschule Landeck

Continuing the building

Adapting the school’s two upper floors to provide the desired open landscapes for learning was a relatively simple matter. We positioned the learning zones at the corners of the building, where they receive daylight from two sides. By removing a number of the existing walls and using mobile space dividers instead, the neighbouring classrooms can be integrated in these zones or separated from them, if and when required.

Architects, school administration and town council worked closely together on this project – as a result we have an inviting, modern school that teachers and students feel completely comfortable in.

Erwin Stättner, Partner at Franz&Sue
[EN] Volksschule Landeck
[EN] Sanierung der Volksschule Angedair und Turnhallenn
[EN] Sanierung der Volksschule Angedair und Turnhallenn

Site plan


Type of commission

EU-weit, nicht offener Wettbewerb

Scope of commission

Generalplanung und ÖBA


best architects 20


Stadtgemeinde Landeck


Landeck, Tirol







Net usable floor area

4.280 m²

Gross floor area

5.240 m²

Building costs

5,5 Mio. €


Lucie Vencelidesová (PL), Anna Ladurner, Alexandra Flanjak, Brigitta Szakal, Bernd Stuffer, Wolfgang Fischer, Joseph Suntinger, Philipp Stromer, Philipp Wenzl, Joshua Meighörner, Simon Frey


Structural engineer

DI Georg Pfenniger

Building physics

Schöberl & Pöll GmbH

Building services

DI Dieter Schwaninger,
HG Engineering

Landscape planning

EGKK Landschaftsarchitektur

Fire safety planning

FSE Ruhrhofer & Schweitzer GmbH

Sports facilities construction

Ingenieurbüro Laurin Hosp

Site supervision

Rudigier & Spiss OG


Lukas Schaller