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In This We Believe

A new building for the International Christian School of Vienna

Invitation-only design & build competition, 1st prize

A Viennese school with the flare of an international campus.

The International Christian School of Vienna combines an American curriculum with Austrian school structures and Christian guiding principles. The heart of our design for the school’s approximately 600 students, who range from 5 to 18 years of age, is a light-flooded atrium surrounded on all levels by common areas with open-air terraces. The multifunctional ground floor is where the entire school can convene for school theatre performances, public events, sports matches, or lunch. It’s friendly and bright place that expresses the values of the Christian community in a contemporary way.

Campus in a Campus

Even at first glance, the building’s colorful wood-slatted façade and transparent ground floor make an inviting and open impression, and stepping inside the glassed-in foyer reveals this school’s campus-in-a-campus—with the cafeteria, a gallery overlooking the gymnasium, and access to the green inner courtyard.

Three different age groups will attend school here every day. Our mission is to give them a modern, identity-strengthening campus—with independent spaces for each class and common areas for exchange.


Multilayered Learning Landscapes

We distribute the rooms of the primary school, middle school, and high school grades around the stepped atrium’s various levels, with each age group on its own floor. And thanks to the building’ s onion-like structure, each classroom has direct access to the common area’s meandering landscape for playing and learning as well as a view of the outdoor terraces.

Creating Spaces

The school’s property is located right by the Rennbahnweg underground station in Vienna’s 22nd district. Our cuboid, three-story structure with a ground-floor extension on one side creates an expansive open area out in front of the main entrance that provides a transition from the quiet neighborhood of single-family homes in the north to the school’s urban and more heavily trafficked southern side. What’s more, two rooftop areas plus the atrium’s ground floor provide three levels of high-quality open spaces for a diverse range of uses.

The result is open-air spaces on three different levels and a multilevel atrium that lets plenty of daylight into the school’s various rooms.


When all is said and done, what you wish for as an architect is to plan a school that you’d like to have gone to yourself. And with this new school campus in Vienna, that’s what we been able to do.

Floor plan standard upper floor
Floor plan ground floor


Type of commission

geladener Realisierungswettbewerb


1. Preis


ICSV, Hilfsverein der internationalen Christlichen Schulen




Ab 2020


In Bearbeitung

Net usable floor area

9.500 m²

Gross floor area

11.800 m²

Building costs

21 Mio. €


Ajdin Vukovic, Martino Libisch, Klaus Vonmetz, Julia Sonnleitner