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Franz&Sue way up top in competitionline’s architecture ranking


Even now, 2020 has been a resounding success for Franz&Sue: following our first two project commissions in Germany, we rose to became the top Austrian firm and take 3rd place overall in the 20,000-firm architecture ranking of competitionline.

The competitionline ranking is the only ranking of architectural firms in the German-speaking region that is based exclusively on competition results. Once each year, our editorial board evaluates the results of all competitions published at and uses them to compile a ranking of the most successful firms.

From the competitionline website


One for all: competitionline

For architectural firms who want the latest on competitions, it’s indispensable: the Internet platform competitionline researches and publishes competition results and tenders on a daily basis and also documents the success of individual firms in detail. Its annually published architecture ranking is the international go-to source of information on competition wins and architectural firms in the German-speaking region.

Turbo-boost indeed! Within just a few years, the Viennese architecture firm Franz&Sue has come out on top in over 40 competitions. And even just during the period from which the current competitionline rankings were drawn, this Austrian firm won ten competitions outright and scored another eight top places and honorable mentions. This great run has entailed a steep climb in the rankings: after 24th place in 2017 and 5th place in 2018, this year saw them take 3rd place.

competitionline’s Kirsten Wenzel on Franz&Sue


Franz&Sue join the Who is Who

Our top competition results during the past three years reflect how rapidly our firm has grown since Franz and Sue got married—from 24th place in 2017 and 5th place in 2018 to an overall 3rd place in this year’s ranking. A huge leap by an Austrian firm in the international ranking that also puts it in the top spot nationally.

On this happy occasion, competitionline invited Franz&Sue’s two partners, Michael Anhammer and Robert Diem, to sit down for an interview that explored the firm’s history and drew comparisons between Austrian and German competitions. A PDF version of this article can be found here.


How does the ranking work?

The sum total of the results communicated to and researched by competitionline—altogether over 2,000 results each year—represent the body of data that is evaluated. The 2019/20 ranking took into account all results published between 1 June 2018 and 31 December 2019. In previous years, the period had been from June to the end of May of the following year.

The awarding of points is done objectively on the basis of places scored: three points for 1st places, two points for 2nd to 4th place, and one point for honorable mentions.