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That was our Summer Opening Party at “Stadtelefant”

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During the Austrian architecture festival Architekturtage 2019, we celebrated the grand opening of our recently completed architecture cluster Stadtelefant (City Elephant), where we now have our headquarters.
In keeping with the motto “Strength – and less worries – in Unity,” we joined forces with our partners PLOV, SOLID, A-NULL Bausoftware, and Hoyer Brandschutz to put up a building in Vienna’s Sonnwendviertel urban development zone where we now work, live, communicate, eat lunch together, and hold events. We moved in at the end of 2018, and the Stadtelefant has since been further enriched by the tenants “architektur in progress” and the Austrian architecture foundation “Architekturstiftung Österreich.” The publicly accessible cafeteria on the ground floor serves as our lunch place and connection to the city quarter.

Photos: Roland Zygmunt




We extend our warmest thanks to all participants and guests!