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Franz&Sue Up Close and Personal

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Lectures, October and November 2018

2018 was an eventful year for Franz&Sue. We won and lost competitions, planned, built, and discussed many things – and as the year drew to a close, we took the opportunity to share what we’d been doing in lectures and tours.



Press Conference and Press Tour, Salzburg Courthouse, 14 November 2018


© Chris Hofer


November saw one of our largest projects, involving the complex of buildings that comprise the Justizgebäude Salzburg (which houses Salzburg’s provincial-level courts and prosecutor’s office), presented to the public for the first time. Franz&Sue had been renovating and expanding these historically listed structures since 2012, and in our panel discussion for the press, partner Christian Ambos answered questions about the complex process that this entailed.



Research & Development Colloquium for Cement and Concrete, 13 November 2018


© Thomas Schwentner

Franz&Sue partner Erwin Stättner was invited to the 2018 colloquium of the VÖZ (Vereinigung Österreichischer Zementindustrie [Association of the Austrian Cement Industry]) to introduce the “City Elephant” (Stadtelefant), our architectural cluster in the Sonnwendviertel urban development zone. It was built as a prefabricated structure and shows just how diverse concrete’s uses as a building material are.

A synopsis of his lecture can be found here.



The Architectural Competition as a Participatory Process. Symposium, 23 October 2018


© Florian Voggeneder


Franz&Sue partner Michael Anhammer participated in the symposium Beteiligungsprozess Architekturwettbewerb [The Architectural Competition as a Participatory Process] organized by the schulRAUMkultur studio of the architecture program at the University of Art and Design Linz. At this event, which was initiated by architect Michael Zinner, discussion revolved around topics having to do with the creation of space for schools.



YoVA4 - Young Viennese Architects and Landscape Architects, 17 October 2018


© Carmen Schrettl


Autumn 2018 saw Franz&Sue partner Christian Ambos travel to Istanbul in order to represent the project “Yo.V.A.” at the Austrian Cultural Forum Austrian Cultural Forum. It was the fourth edition of this project to support young Viennese architects, and the accompanying exhibition was opened with a talk by Franz&Sue about its own studio philosophy.