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Days of Architecture Banja Luka

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Lecture with Franz&Sue June 3, 2017

Franz&Sue were invited to take part in the Days of Architecture 2017 in Banja Luka
in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The theme of the conference, held at Banja Luka’s Jazavac theatre, was ‘Small Scale City – Space for Children’. International architects and researchers spoke about the timeless question of urban and architectural scale in the context of a built environment that takes into account children’s needs.

There is no single right scale but there are many intelligent ways to combine different scales of architecture into a coherent, dynamic and diverse whole.

Speakers at the event included: Trine Berthold from Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Mikkel Frost from CEBRA (both from Denmark), Markus Schwai and Steffen Wellinger from NTNU Trondheim (Norway), Hrvoje Njiric from njiric+ arhitekti (Croatia), Nikola Andonov from MADA architecture studio (Serbia), Saša Radenovic (Netherlands), Diana Stupar from UNA ING (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Željko Kusić (Bosnia and Herzegovina). 

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In his presentation entitled ‘Steps’, Franz&Sue’s Wolfgang presented our school buildings in Deutsch-Wagram, Gainfarn and Landeck and illustrated the recent trend towards more open and innovative spatial concepts by comparing the projects over the years.

The only Austrian contribution to the Days of Architecture described the relevant framework conditions and situations with regard to building law and political perspectives. Which role can architects assume in order to participate in the process of developing school construction?


...taking small steps.