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Fight Club Celebrates 10 Years

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10th Anniversary Party on 26 November 2018, Fluc Wanne



The Fight Club – a monthly meet-up of architect-friends for the lively and honest discussion of current projects – has been around for 10 years now. And for its first double-digit birthday, we teamed up with the Fight Club’s initiators and regulars to put on a big party at the Viennese nightlife venue Fluc Wanne. In 13 informative and entertaining talks, we looked back upon the past several years of these events – and afterwards, DJ Dunkelbunt raised hell on the dance floor.

It was a fantastic evening, and we’re now looking forward to the Fight Club’s next 10 years!

Registration for future Fight Clubs:




Our thanks go out to the participants:

Günter Mohr
HEIMSPIEL architektur
Juri Troy
NEXT generation
SOLID architecture
Steinkogler Aigner
Veit Aschenbrenner
Walter Chramosta
Maik Novotny